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Wanna go on an adventure?

Come watch us as we travel and explore the globe!


Wanna go on an adventure?

Come watch us as we travel and explore the globe!

Maiku Travels
Dailyish Episodes

My name is Maiku and I'm the main story teller of the crew.
I started focusing on being a YouTuber in March 2016, and I'm loving every minute of it.  Come join me as I backpack the globe and explore new and exciting cultures and inspirational experiences.

Travel Vlogs

♥ Hi! I'm C'erine ♥ I'm just a YouTuber from Toronto who is obsessed with sour patch kids and adopting a puppy. This channel will be a mish-mash of beauty, hair and fashion videos along with everything else in between. 

Vera Raponzel Vlogs!

Hope you all enjoy my channel!

Ryan Thomas Woods
Lifestyle Videos

On Wednesdays we wear PINK and watch Ryan Thomas Woods! I hate when I make a milkshake and it brings all the boys to the yard. Caffeine-Obsessed Canadian who wishes he could make the whole world laugh.

Michael Reyne Vlogs

A vlogger from Toronto, Canada. Optimism and great friends have gotten me this far and now I'm here to share it all with you!

Sarah Tran Vlogs

My name is Sarah, I am a Canadian YouTuber aiming to inspire people to live a cleaner, non-toxic, positive and active lifestyle. Don't wait for change, make change x

Subscribe for inspiring content, adventures and discover new non-toxic products with me 😊

Savannah and Stuff

Hi. I'm the creator of the youtube channel "Savannah and Stuff." In this area of the internet universe you will find videos geared toward makeup, beauty, fashion, hauls, acne, tutorials, diy, taste tests, life hacks, room decor, recipes, vegan videos, testing out buzzfeed things.. I think that covers it all.


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